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Building Your Dream Home with Wisconsin’s Best Luxury Home Builder

Can you picture it? You’re standing on the edge of some land you’ve recently purchased. As you gaze across the horizon, you envision your dream home. This is where you’ll make lasting memories and raise your family. How exciting!

Building your dream home is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. There are many things to think about. Among many other decisions, you and your family need to decide on the layout, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and how big your budget is. Fortunately, when you work with Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder, you are in excellent hands. By doing your research and working with Anderson Homes, you’ll have the ideal residence you’ll love for many years.

Here are several steps to keep in mind as you prepare to build your dream home with Wisconsin‘s best luxury home builder.

How Much Will My Wisconsin Luxury Home Cost to Build?

According to a recent survey by NAHB (the National Association of Home Builders), the average cost of building a standard, single-family house is about $300,000, not including the plot of land. However, the price of a luxury custom home depends on the quality of the finishes and the overall size. That will range between $200 to $500 per square foot, plus the land. new home builder in Southeast Wisconsin by Anderson Homes

But Anderson Homes, Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder, will give you a better idea of the cost of your dream home after talking about what you envision.

How Long Will It Take to Build My Wisconsin Custom Home?

The US Census Bureau suggests it takes approximately 8 to 12 months to build an average size home. For your custom luxury home, however, it may be much closer to the 12-month timeline. The more custom or complex the floor plan is, the longer the house will take to build. Talk with Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder to get an idea of how long it will take to build your dream home. 

Once you’ve had your first meeting with Anderson Homes, together, you can create a timeline for your dream house project. This will help to keep both the project and your expectations on track. The timeline will also help with related things such as when to sell your current home, choose new furniture, make selections for finishes (flooring, tile, paint colors, appliances), order products, etc.

In addition to a timeline, creating a project plan with a list of your preferred finishes and specific materials you want the builder to use is also a great idea. This assists everyone involved in the project in understanding what things should look like and what needs to be done along each step. No one will have to guess what you want.

Custom Home Builder in Ozaukee CountyDetermine a Realistic Budget to Build Your Luxury Home

Before you even begin to look through floorplans and blueprints, it’s important to understand how much you can afford. Talk with a mortgage lender or a financial advisor and get pre-approved. This will help you stay within budget and avoid finding out later that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

For now, a general or overall budget is all you need. As you think about your desired house size, determine the features you’d like. What will quartz countertops cost versus Formica? Do you want the bedrooms to be carpeted, or will wood flooring be installed everywhere? Decisions like these will help to estimate your cost per square foot and the total cost of the building project.

But don’t forget to add items to the budget, such as furniture, landscaping, taxes, etc. Expenses such as new curtains, artwork, and décor can also add up quickly.

Later, Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder will assist you in putting together a more detailed price structure with costs for labor and materials. You’ll know exactly how your money is being spent, where you can save, and where you can splurge.

Be Flexible When Building Your New Home

You’ve been dreaming about this house for a long time and want everything to be perfect. However, building a custom luxury home takes time, and there may be delays, issues, and problems. Try to keep the right mindset. Stay flexible and manage your expectations. Keep your eye on the end goal of finally having your dream custom home. You and Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder can come together to solve any problems.

When Building Your Wisconsin Custom Luxury Home, Decide On a Design

Deciding to build your dream home is exciting, but planning as much as possible in advance is important. It’s difficult – and very expensive – to make major changes to a floor plan while the house is being built. Take time to decide what you want before the first shovel breaks ground. 

That means, before you can build your dream home, you have to design it! Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder can assist you in making the right choices. Knowing your priorities will make decision-making more manageable and narrow your search for the perfect finishes.

For example, here are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer: 

• What do you want your custom-designed house to look like? 

• Is your dream home one story or two? 

• What architectural style do you prefer? 

• How high would you like the ceilings to be?

• Which direction should the residence face for the best view?

• How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you need? 

• How many windows do you want? How large are they?

• How much storage do you need in the kitchen, the basement, and in the bedrooms? 

• Do you want a large entertainment space?

• Would you also like a cozy reading nook?  

• Will you need a home office?

It’s important to remember that there are many different architectural styles. These include modern, farmhouse, craftsman, traditional, colonial, Cape Cod, Victorian, and more. Drive through several neighborhoods and look at builders and their models. Do you see something you especially like? Page through architecture magazines, look at websites such as Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram, and review specific custom home builders’ websites for their ideas and floorplans.

As you drive around neighborhoods and new developments, take notice of the architecture of each home. If you’ve already purchased a plot of land, consider something that matches the other houses. You may not want to stick out too much by building something completely different.

When hiring Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder, you will go through the above list of questions, and more, in addition to having help choosing finishes. You can customize your dream home to your exact specifications.

Finding the Right Lot for Your New Home

Should you hire the builder first or find your plot of land first? That depends. On the one hand, your builder can be the perfect resource to help you choose your lot. Knowing what size home you want, they can direct you to plots that will fit the house. They can look at the lot with you and point out construction issues – both good and bad. The builder can offer their opinion on which direction the house should face or where to put your garden if you want one.

On the other hand, what if you’ve already bought the land? Or inherited some land? Maybe you found the perfect location and decided to grab it before it was sold to someone else. That’s okay, too. Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder will work with what you have and can design the ideal house for your lot.

But if you haven’t purchased any land yet, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

As with all real estate – it’s location, location, location. 

• If you have a family, check out the quality of the schools your children will attend. 

• Note where grocery stores, movie theatres, parks, shopping, restaurants, etc., are. 

• Are there hospitals nearby? 

• Are there other kids in the neighborhood to play with? 

• How quiet are the streets? 

• Is there a noisy highway near the neighborhood? 

• Will stores or industrial buildings be built close by?

• How long is the commute to work? 

• How convenient is this location for you and your family? 

• Will you spend much time driving your kids to school or sports practice, the grocery store, etc.? 

• Would something closer to the city be more convenient for the family?

Choose Wisconsin’s Best Luxury Home Builder

Anderson-Homes-Windsor-ModelYou’ve thought through what style and how large of a house you want; you’ve spoken to a mortgage lender, set a budget, and found the perfect lot. Now it’s time to determine which builder you want to work with.

Start by talking to several local builders recommended by family, friends, or a co-worker. Ask if they have an in-house architect and interior designer to help create your dream home. They may also recommend a landscape architect for the exterior of your luxury residence.

The most important point is to hire a construction company that understands your vision and can suggest how to make your dream home a reality. A reputable company will have experience building the type of home you want, so ask for examples of their work. Ask if you can call a few of their recent clients, too. Find out if they would hire this builder again, how they dealt with issues and problems, and how well the builder communicated.

This is the biggest investment you and your family will ever make, so be sure that you can trust what the builder says and be confident in your choice.

Stay Involved In the Construction Process

You may be tempted to sit back and let the construction process happen. But because you care about your dream house, stay involved!

Keep in touch with the project manager to be sure things are on track and staying on budget. Oversee the invoices and the specifications to keep everyone accountable. You’ll be able to catch mistakes or make changes much more quickly by keeping close tabs on the project.

Be sure to walk around the job site and schedule regular appointments with the builder. Stay up-to-date on the progress of your house and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. 

Taking all of these steps will ensure that there are no surprises as you walk through the front door of your new house. Homeowners who stay involved and oversee the project are the happiest with the outcome. It may be extra work on top of your daily responsibilities, but it’s worth the effort to finally have your dream home. 

Moving In Your New Luxury Home

The process of designing and building your dream home isn’t easy. It can take a lot of time and a lot of energy. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder will make it run much smoother.

Take your time to choose your builder, research the finishes and the appliances you want, and stay on budget. This will all help make your dreams come true.

Once everything is complete – including the final walk-through – you can move in! It’s time to relax and enjoy your luxurious residence for many years.

Anderson-Homes-Team-Office-WisconsinAnderson Homes

Anderson Homes’ headquarters is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. They build high-quality and custom luxury homes throughout the southeastern corner of the state, including the counties of Walworth, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Waukesha, Racine, and Washington. 

Anderson Homes is proud of its outstanding reputation built on superior customer service, lasting trust, and strong relationships throughout the industry. These principles have made them Wisconsin’s best luxury home builder. 

Throughout the construction project, their professional staff is committed to excellence and offering their clients a completely transparent – and positive – custom home-building experience. Anderson Homes’ subcontractors are also dedicated to providing superior quality, distinguished service, and outstanding craftsmanship from start to finish. 

Best of all, Anderson Homes create floor plans and custom-tailored designs for every family. The Anderson Homes designer will listen carefully to your wants and needs, and incorporate your ideas into the perfect floor plan. They provide a truly unique and personalized home that reflects their clients’ vision and lifestyles.

Contact Anderson Homes today. The staff will help you design the luxury home of your dreams and give you the high-quality value you deserve.

When you hire the right custom home builder – Anderson Homes – you will never have any unhappy or disappointing surprises. Begin the process of living in your dream home by scheduling your first appointment today!