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Waukesha County Luxury Home Builders

One of the fascinating aspects of working with a luxury home builder is that you won’t be limited to specific floor plans. Your project begins with an idea and a piece of paper. You have complete creative control over the function and look of your home; you’re not limited to preset options. When you convey your vision to Waukesha County Luxury Home Builders like Anderson Homes, we figure out exactly how to turn your dream home into a reality.

In addition to choosing the perfect layout and exterior for your home, working with a luxury home builder allows you to customize the interior thoroughly. a high-end Luxury home builder gives you exceptional flexibility that production builders cannot match.


Staying on Schedule with a Luxury Home Builder

Another reason luxury home builders differ from production home builders is the timeline of your project. Production homes offer a limited number of floorplans and design options which means homes are built quickly. The primary goal of production builders is to finish the new neighborhood development as fast as possible. Because luxury homes require finite attention to detail and have a lot of square footage, the process is slower-paced. The ultimate goal of a luxury home builder is complete client satisfaction. Working slower ensures that every detail of your home is well planned and executed.


Anderson Homes’ Building Process

Anderson Homes understands that the first step in the building process is establishing a productive relationship built on transparency and trust. The best way to do this is through consistent, effective communication. During an initial consultation, you will meet with an expert team to educate you about the entire home design process. At this meeting, you will also learn about the Anderson Homes Difference.

The Anderson Homes difference allows you to communicate directly with the team, approve change orders, edit appliance selections, and view any documents involving your project with nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse.

The client dashboard shows you photos and videos of your luxury home project gives notifications about any updates, shares project costs and balances, and even provides weather updates. This gives you an accurate timeline and status on your new home. Because Waukesha County Luxury Home Builders like Anderson Homes want you to have the best experience possible, the project management tool utilized keeps you in constant communication in a simple, convenient way.

Anderson-Homes-The-Palmetto-Home-Design-MBA-Parade-of-HomesEarlier it was explained that the pace of a luxury home completion differs from that of production builders. The Anderson Homes Difference gives you direct access to all work done on the project: past, present, and future. Every day shows the work schedule, activity log, notes, and supporting documents. Different views show progress made daily, weekly, and monthly. Additionally, by using a centralized email, app notifications, and individual task comments, the Anderson Difference provides unparalleled communication transparency.

After your initial consultation, you will receive a homesite evaluation. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing which lot to build on. The Anderson Homes team provides a free on-site evaluation that covers the topography of the potential home site and your lifestyle and budgetary needs.


Your Luxury Home Consultation

During your consultation, a team of professionals helps you plan the best building location and home orientation. You will discuss necessary site improvements and set a budget for the land preparation. Other topics of conversation include a plot of survey for the lot, soil tests, grading plans, building compliance codes for the area, site clearing, building pad requirements, construction access options, lake views for home design, drainage, and topography grading, soil and foundation assessment, permits, water wells and septic designs, utility requirements and available access, coordination of pool installations, landscaping, fencing, driveway requirements, culvert designs, and architectural subdivision and compliance requirements.

Hawthorn-Farm-South-Subdivision-Delafield-Wisconsin-LandOnce you’ve discussed all the site planning and preparation, you will have a design consultation. Clients will meet with this Waukesha County luxury home builder as they navigate the home design process. The design experts at Anderson Homes listen, explain, and educate homeowners in an interactive, face-to-face meeting. The in-house design team collaborates directly with you to design a luxury home that suits your lifestyle. They provide both 2D and 3D designs to allow you to visualize the space and optimize room dimensions and layout.

Plan Revisions When Building Your Luxury Home

The next step in the Anderson Homes Difference, after the concept drawing is completed, plan revisions occur. Together clients work with the design team to refine the initial concept and ensure it is to your liking while still meeting your budget. Clients also receive preliminary elevation views to review. Once the elevation views are approved, a bid-ready set of plans gets prepared.

The preliminary selections of countertops, flooring, and cabinets add substantial costs toward finishing a luxury home. Anderson Homes allow for a myriad of the highest-quality options and finishes. Discussions continue on exterior color selection on every facet of the house, from siding and masonry to windows and doors.

Once all the plans are complete, a proposal review meeting is scheduled. If applicable, architectural approval is needed on plans before this meeting. At the meeting, you will review every detail of Anderson Homes’ standard inclusions, the cost of your choices, and the pricing to build on your property. After the proposal is agreed upon, an Anderson Homes team member will draw up the plans.

These final plans will be used to build your luxury home. The building process begins next. Anderson Homes will keep you updated as discussed in the Anderson Homes Difference.

Anderson-Homes-Team-PhotoThe Best Waukesha County Luxury Home Builders

Anderson Homes is built on a foundation of craftsmanship, innovation, and trust. Their artisans provide you with superior quality in every part of the building process. All of Anderson Homes’ designs give you a custom-tailored, personalized home. Their dedication to exceptional customer service and satisfaction means clients leave thrilled with their new home. Contact Anderson Homes today to find out more about Anderson Homes or to schedule an initial consultation.