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Buildertrend Construction Management

Get regular construction updates and notifications on the progress of your new home with our project management platform, Buildertrend. Communicate with our team, approve change orders, view documents, edit appliance selections, and more in a few clicks.

Buildertrend Login

Client Dashboard

Once you login, you’ll get access to photos, videos, current notifications, project costs and balance, weather status, contact information, and other important information.

We want you to have the best possible experience working with us and be a part of the home building process. Our project management tool helps make communication transparent, simple, and convenient for you on the go.

Calendar & Work Schedule

Easily view past, current, and future work with our calendar tool. Each day includes scheduled work, a daily log, notes, and any attached photos or videos to help make it easy to view daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

Follow along and be a part of the process with our calendar tool. In addition to the calendar, we also include: to-do lists, Gantt charts, and daily logs to help you make sure the project is on schedule and to be notified immediately of any delays.

Transparent Communication

By utilizing centralized email, individual task comments & app notifications, we make it easy to stay in contact in order to provide timely updates and maintain open and transparent communication regarding the process of your home.

All emails and task comments get captured inside our project management tool to help make sorting, following, and responding to conversations easier. Our app also includes push notifications, so you’ll immediately receive any important updates.

Documents & Images

Get access to all the project documents, contracts, blueprints, images, spreadsheets, and other important files. Easily upload, share, or print documents with our file manager.

Additional Features

Tools to help you Stay organized

Change Orders

View, approve, and sign change orders online with ease. Make changes all within your user dashboard.


Easily approve selected finishes online and track your allowance items to help you stay in budget.

Payments & Invoices

Track payments online, view invoices & monitor your budget for financial records of the project.


We provide a One Year Builder’s Warranty where you can make claims through the app right at your fingertips.

Social Sharing

Share photos and videos on social media with friends or family to show them the progress of your new home.

Mobile App

Download the app on your phone or tablet to view progress and get updates of your new home anywhere instantly.

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