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Lots For Sale in Mequon, WI: Riverland Estates by Anderson Homes

Lots for Sale in Mequon, WI include the Exclusive Community of Riverland Estates.

Have you been thinking about finally building your luxury dream home? Do you want a ranch-style or a two-story house? Do you need a quiet room to use as a home office? What about making the basement the kids’ hangout space?

Are you also looking for the ideal piece of land on which to build your house? Are you hoping for a large lot surrounded by mature trees? Would you like neighbors nearby – but not too close? Find a subdivision that aligns with your lifestyle and matches your family’s needs with one of the many lots for sale in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Mequon has convenient access to Milwaukee and its many businesses and industries for those adults who are still active in their careers. However, Mequon also gives its residents a secluded country feel when they get home from the office. Although it is an incorporated city, nearly half of Mequon’s land is undeveloped or farmland, offering potential homeowners open fields, rolling hills, and beautiful vistas. There are various lots for sale in Mequon, depending on what you’re looking for.

Among the many advantages to living in Mequon is the wildlife seen throughout the area. This includes coyotes, red fox, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and great blue herons. Notable plant species around the community consist of snow trillium, pinedrops, American gromwell, heartleaf plantain, forked aster, and twinleaf.

The Milwaukee River and Pigeon Creek flow throughout the eastern side of Mequon. Tributaries of the Menomonee River – Little Menomonee River and Little Menomonee Creek – run along Mequon’s western border. All of these rivers help keep the community’s flora and fauna well fed and watered.

Where is Mequon, WI Located?

The largest city in Ozaukee County, Mequon, is located in southeastern Wisconsin, about 15 miles north of Milwaukee. It’s considered part of the greater Milwaukee suburban community with a population of just over 24,000 people. Mequon continues to grow as one of the most attractive communities in southeastern Wisconsin. Lots for sale in Mequon sell quickly as the population rises.

Mequon borders Lake Michigan to the east, with the towns of Cedarburg and Grafton to the north, the city of Milwaukee to the south, and the Village of Germantown borders the west.

Life in Mequon, WI

Researchers disagree as to where the name Mequon originally comes from. Some believe it derives from the Ojibwe words “miguan” or “emikwaan,” meaning ladle. The terms refer to the Milwaukee River’s shape as it runs through the area. Others think the name is from the Menominee language and the word “mekon,” which means feather.

In the early 1800s, the primary economy in Mequon was agriculture. Hydro-powered mills along the Milwaukee River were some of the first major businesses in the area and served all local farmers. In the 1920s, fur farming with mink and silver foxes began with the Fromm and Nieman families. The companies of Cedarburg Fox Farms, Fromm Brothers, Herbert A. Nieman & Co., and several more became leaders in the US fur industry until 1985. However, changing consumer tastes caused fur sales to decline, and all of the fur farming businesses were closed by the end of the 1980s.

Fortunately, Mequon’s economy began to diversify during the mid-20th century. Today, manufacturing plants (Rockwell Automation, Telsmith, Inc.), nationally and locally owned retail stores, University campuses (Concordia, Milwaukee Area Technical College), and hospitals (Columbia/St. Mary’s, Aurora Healthcare) now serve the community. Companies like these are among the largest employers in Ozaukee County. However, farming and agriculture is still a significant aspect of life in Mequon.

Both public and private schools in Ozaukee County are considered some of the best in the state. The Mequon-Thiensville school district offers students three public elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. In 2009, BusinessWeek magazine ranked Homestead High School as the state’s top high school and continues to rank at the top of the list even today.

Lots for Sale in Mequon

Purchasing the ideal lot for your lovely new house in Mequon can be a snap. Whether you’re looking for a large lot in an established subdivision or a secluded plot of land away from neighbors, many lots for sale in Mequon will fit you and your family’s needs.

Some communities in Mequon offer speedy access to I-43 and allow commuters to get to downtown Milwaukee quickly and easily. Other areas have mature trees, stately homes, and smaller lots for less yard work and closer neighbors. Beautiful views, land with several acres to enjoy, and walking trails are also available. There’s something for everyone in Mequon.

Fortunately, one of the best custom home builders in Wisconsin also offers a variety of home sites and lots. Their team of professionals can help you choose from several locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Specifically, they have lots for sale in Mequon.

Riverland Estates by Anderson Homes

Riverland Estates is an amazing country setting in Mequon, and it’s a community you don’t want to miss! This subdivision by Anderson Homes offers large individual plots of land. These plots provide welcoming neighborhood picnic areas, family-friendly walking trails, borders of mature trees, and wide open spaces for kids to run and play. A conservation layout and protective covenants ensure you and your family will always have plenty of room between houses, untouched areas for wildlife to live in, and a safe neighborhood for your children to play in.

It’s also part of the Mequon-Thiensville school district, so your children will get the best public education in the state.

Best of all, it’s just minutes away from downtown Mequon and Cedarburg. You and your family can spend time shopping or enjoying the restaurants and entertainment opportunities without driving into Milwaukee. Mequon has all the amenities of a big city without the traffic, noise, and parking frustrations.

Features of Riverland Estates

Anderson Homes has eleven lots for sale in Mequon in their Riverland Estates subdivision. Originally, there were a total of 13 lots. Two have been sold recently, and the rest may go quickly. So don’t wait!

The plots of land are arranged along one drive that ends in a cul-de-sac. Because there is no thru-way, the only people who will be driving in your community are those who live there. The traffic will be light, and the pavement will be safe for all the children to ride their bikes, skateboards, and roller blades.

The entrance to the community is connected to Riverland Road, just a short distance from Pioneer Road, so you’ll always have access to a main street nearby. The city will also plow this well-traveled road before many others.

To the south is Bonniwell Road, but long before you reach the street, the plots are surrounded by trees and rolling hills along the entire southern and western borders. This natural park-like setting dampens any potential traffic noise. The state has set aside the northern boundary of the community as a Natural Resource area. No other houses or buildings can be erected to crowd the space or block your views of birds and wildlife.

Choose among the remaining lots ranging from 1.6 to 3.3 acres. These expansive lot sizes are usually very difficult to find for sale in Mequon. Additionally, the executive level homes will be built at a 3,000 to 3,200 square foot size. Large, luxurious homes will be constructed on large, elegant lots.

When you build your dream home in this subdivision, you will also make lifelong friends with your neighbors! Enjoy getting together for summer barbecues, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, hosting a neighborhood 4th of July bicycle parade around the cul-de-sac, having neighborhood-wide snowball fights, and so much more.

Just think of the wonderful memories you and your family will create when you build your home in Riverland Estates.

Meet Anderson Homes

While looking for the ideal piece of land to build your home, you also need to find the perfect builder.

While searching for the right custom home builder, you probably heard the name Anderson Homes. That’s because Anderson has an outstanding reputation for building high-quality homes for many satisfied customers. Their reputation has been built on years of superior service, lasting trust, and strong relationships.

They are one of the top home builders in southeastern Wisconsin because of the personal attention they give their clients. They have solid business principles and always offer quality craftsmanship.

Anderson Homes’ headquarters is in Pewaukee, but they build luxury homes throughout southeastern Wisconsin. This includes Walworth, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties.

The Anderson Homes Process

The professional staff of Anderson Homes is committed to outstanding customer service throughout the entire building process. They want their customers to have a transparent experience with no “surprises” like extra fees, costs, delays, etc.

From the time Anderson Homes breaks ground until they hand over the house keys to their customers, the tradespeople, technicians, and the entire staff are dedicated to superior craftsmanship, using the highest quality materials, and staying on schedule and on budget. Additionally, Anderson Homes’ designs are created specifically for each family. They provide every customer with a unique and custom-tailored home. The house will be a perfect fit for the family’s lifestyle today and in the future.

When you work with Anderson Homes, there is a multi-step process for creating your dream home. As the professionals on staff begin the design, it is a truly magical experience.

You will meet with the Anderson Homes staff during the initial consultation. You will learn about their design process and establish trust as you discover why Anderson Homes differs from other builders. During this meeting, you can take time to discuss everything you want in a home. Ask lots of questions and determine if Anderson Homes is the best builder for your project.

After the initial meeting, the professional staff will take you to various plots of land to choose from (if you haven’t already). During this time, they will evaluate the site, discuss where and how to set the home for the best views, and more. They will offer multiple options for what size and type of house will work best with the topography. You will discuss your budget, architectural preferences, and lifestyle. You’ll also discuss how you will use your home (i.e., the number of bedrooms and baths, room to entertain large groups, etc.).

The third meeting begins the design process with the team. This is where your ideas are put down on paper. To discover your dream home, the staff and your family will discuss many details and ask lots of questions back and forth. By interacting and truly listening to your wants and needs, Anderson Homes can design the ideal house for you.

There will be one more meeting with everyone collaborating. Then the in-house design team will make the finishing touches to match the client’s vision. A 2-D and 3-D floor plan will be presented to understand the flow, use of space, and room size. This is when the client can fully understand what the house will look like and how it will feel. There may be a few more adjustments and refinements concerning room size, adding another closet, etc., during this phase until the client is completely satisfied.

The staff, contractors, and subcontractors will give a final set of plans. This allows everyone to review the plans, ask questions, and suggest last-minute changes. Everyone involved needs to be on the same page for the project to go smoothly.

Now the Fun Begins

Many Anderson Homes’ clients enjoy this step the most. While working with an in-house interior designer, finishes are discussed and chosen for flooring, tile, cabinetry, countertops, paint colors, and more. If an HOA is involved, a list of exterior colors and finishes (windows, doors, siding, stone, etc.) will be sent for approval.

Many high-quality choices are included for standard selections with Anderson Homes. That way, the cost for your home will not change much just because you prefer granite over Formica for your kitchen counters, or wood floors versus carpet, for example.

Once the finishing choices are made and building costs are discussed, everyone signs the final proposal, and the building begins.

Throughout the entire project, the Anderson Homes staff keeps the clients up-to-date on the progress of their building project. Using the management platform Buildertrend, clients can communicate with the team, approve change orders, review documents, make edits, and know what’s happening. Again, no surprises!

Contact Anderson Homes Today

Contact Anderson Homes to start your home-building journey! Please find out more about their lots for sale in Mequon and choose the ideal piece of land to match your dream home. Learn more about this outstanding home builder specializing in traditional and modern designs. A builder who offers exceptional craftsmanship, pays exacting attention to detail, and has the best customer service in southeastern Wisconsin.

Call or email Anderson Homes to schedule your first appointment. Begin the exciting process of building your dream home in Mequon today!