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Luxury Home Builders: Greater Milwaukee Area

When it comes to luxury home builders, Anderson Homes maintains an unrivaled reputation for the best designs, best quality, and award-winning excellence.

After some time and several discussions with your family, you’re finally ready to build your dream home. And this time, you’re not just building a new home, you’ve decided to build your luxury custom home.

The question is, which of the High-end home builders do you choose to build and design your one-of-a-kind custom home to meet your changing needs? Choosing the right builder is crucial. How do you know whom to hire?

Here is how to ensure your dream home will become a reality –  Hire a builder who will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, and expertly implement them. You also want to hire a builder who will use superior materials with high-quality craftsmanship. The entire process should run smoothly and even be fun for your family – not overwhelming.

Custom Home by Anderson Homes

Designing Your Luxury Home

Designing a luxury home can be quite enjoyable because the possibilities are endless for making the final product uniquely yours. Unfortunately, with the wrong builder, the potential stress can be ongoing.  

Anderson Homes is here to explain its building process. They want to help you understand luxury homes, why you should consider having one built, and the basic steps.

What’s Your Perfect Custom Home?

Before you contact any luxury home builders, it’s essential to know what you want. Have a conversation with your family to determine how much square footage you need. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you work from home? If so, you’ll probably need dedicated office space that’s quiet and away from the rest of the house. Answer phone calls and concentrate on your job with no interruptions.

Do you enjoy entertaining large groups? How about a spacious area for conversations, meals, game nights, etc.? Have you always wanted a deck on the back of the house for outdoor relaxing and grilling? Maybe your perfect home includes a cozy den with a fireplace. Or a fantastic chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances to show off your culinary creations.

Luxury Home Builders - Anderson Homes
Custom Kitchen by Anderson Homes

Consider adding a bonus space or “flex space” as a playroom if you have a growing family. It can be a study area or your teenager’s hangout spot with friends in a few years. In the future, it might be a bedroom for elderly parents who have moved in after retiring.

Should you add the laundry room next to the bedrooms? Do you want a mudroom near the back door so your kids can hang up their backpacks and coats?

List everything you need and discuss it with each potential builder. Let them know if you’re not sure what you need. Review your list and ensure the builder understands what you’re looking for. Good luxury home builders should also ask you many questions to design the ideal floor plan. No two families are alike, so your homes shouldn’t be.

Your perfect home is one that luxury home builders can create for your family’s needs now and what you’ll need for many years to come.

Decision Making When Building Your Dream Home

It’s also important to understand how many decisions you want to make.

The idea of building a custom home can start quite exciting. Look at websites and catalogs, gather paint colors, tile and flooring samples, and collect photos of kitchen layouts, bathtubs, light fixtures, etc. Walk around hardware stores and decide which doorknobs, cabinet door styles, and other accessories you want.

But after a while, making so many decisions can become overwhelming. There are approximately 2,000 choices to make when building a custom home. Fortunately, the best luxury home builders have interior designers on staff to help. They will help you select features and finishes for the house. Having interior designers relieves being overwhelmed and saves the fun aspect of decision-making.

What Are Luxury Home Builders?

Luxury custom home builder - Anderson Homes
Greatroom Interior Design by Anderson Homes

The most significant advantage of hiring luxury home builders is virtually no limits to your ideas. You won’t have to choose from a pre-defined menu of flooring, finishes, appliances, etc. Luxury home builders can construct your house on land you already own or will help you find the perfect lot.

Plus, you can create a floor plan from scratch, supply the builder with one, choose one from the builder’s catalog, or start with a builder’s plan and make changes to suit your family’s needs. Best of all, you get to choose all the interior and exterior details, too. For example, you and the luxury home builder can design a house around the mature trees on your lot or situate it to take advantage of the best views.

When working with luxury home builders, you are involved in the entire process. You and your family will get the opportunity to choose from many products within your budget. Whether it’s the tile for the kitchen backsplash, the bathtub style, or the paint colors in the bedrooms, you have nearly unlimited choices when you’re building a luxury home.

For your kitchen, do you prefer stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops? Do you dream of your cabinetry style as something classic or more sleek and contemporary? Depending on the room, do you want tile floors, wood, or carpeting? How about hanging a sparkling chandelier in the main bathroom? Your imagination, budget, zoning, and building codes are the only restrictions!

Hiring a luxury home builder is perfect for you and your family if you find the idea of designing your custom home from scratch exciting and enjoyable. If you can’t wait to move into your new house and have been collecting ideas from websites, magazine photos, and Pinterest for years, then hiring a luxury home builder is what you need to do.

The Creative Process of Luxury Home Builders

In general, the cost of a luxury home may be higher than an average model. However, the price depends on several things: the overall square footage, the size and location of the lot, the intricacy of the exterior architecture, and the finishes and building products selected (i.e., solid wood flooring vs. carpet, brick vs. vinyl siding, etc.)

Many people relate luxury home builders with large and expensive mansions. But, a luxury home can be a simple Craftsman cottage, an elegant multi-story structure, and everything in between. The final product is whatever the client dreams up. The house will be designed around their lifestyle and what the family needs. Designs are custom-tailored to provide a unique and personalized home. That is what makes a luxury home so unique.

It’s a fantastic feeling to see the choices made by you, for you, in your luxury home. You’re not just decorating. This luxurious, custom home will be the ideal place for your family to live, grow, entertain, and experience life. You can build your home into a haven no one else has.

Luxury Homes Are a Good Investment

Anderson Homes Luxury Custom Home Builder Wisconsin
Home by Anderson Homes

When you hire a luxury home builder, you are confident of the high quality of the materials and craftsmanship because you chose them. You can even watch while the home is being built and ask questions.  

Is the electrical wiring correct? Did I add enough outlets for multiple televisions, computers, and other electric appliances? Does the insulation have the right R-Value? Are the windows, water heater, HVAC, etc., energy-efficient?  

When you build a custom home, you invest in a high-quality residence that will save you money on your utility bills, water and help the environment. Spend time with your family doing the things you love, not taking up time to fix something every weekend.

Anderson Homes: Preferred Luxury Home Builder

Founded in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Anderson Homes is one of southeastern Wisconsin’s finest luxury home builders. Anderson Homes is created on the principles of lasting trust, superior service, and strong relationships.

Because their clients are entering into the most significant investment of their lives, the staff at Anderson Homes focuses on keeping everyone informed. Additionally, their artisans are dedicated to providing superior quality and craftsmanship throughout every phase of the process.

From beginning to end, Anderson offers its clients outstanding customer service. The professional staff is committed to giving every family an enjoyable and transparent experience. They provide the clients with their complete attention throughout the process of creating their luxury dream home.

Award-Winning Home Builder

Building a house with Anderson Homes can be an exciting experience for the entire family. Anderson will help you through the whole process of building your dream home. Here are the basic steps:

• Start With an Initial Consultation

During this first meeting, you, your family, and the Anderson team will meet and talk through the process of designing your dream home. Trust is established between all parties. Now is the time to ask lots of questions and let the professionals know what you want.

• A Home Site Evaluation

Have you already purchased a plot of land? Anderson will provide an on-site evaluation at no cost to you. They will discuss how the residence will sit on the topography, how it should face, how large the structure can be, etc. Anderson staff will also discuss with you your budget, lifestyle and offer multiple options for floor plans.

Anderson Homes can help you find your perfect lot if you have not yet purchased land.

• Design Consultation

The Anderson design team will start the design process with your budget and wishes in mind. The professionals will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, and discuss various options. They can personalize your luxury home, and the on-staff Interior Designer will help you choose all the finishing touches.

• The Plans in 3-D

The Anderson Homes in-house design team will continue to work with you until everyone is happy with your custom floor plan. It will suit your lifestyle and budget. Best of all, you can see your design in both 2-D and 3-D to completely understand the layout, room sizes, and flow.

• Revisions

After the concept drawing is complete, any revisions will be refined. The client will be given elevational views for their approval. Then the final building plans will be created and prepared for the artisans.

• Preliminary Selections

Now the fun begins! The client starts to choose items such as countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and other finishes. Anderson Homes allows for a wide variety of high-quality selections as standard inclusions. Windows, siding, and masonry will also be selected for the exterior.

Final Plans and Paperwork

The client will meet one more time with the staff to review every detail and go over all costs associated with the project. Agreement and signing of the proposal will initiate the project to begin.

• Construction of Your Luxury Home

The building process now begins. Anderson Homes’ staff keeps all of their clients up-to-date on the progress of their houses through notifications on their Project Management Platform. This keeps the lines of communication open. It allows the client to approve change orders, edit selections, and view documents.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Have you decided to hire Anderson Homes? You can’t go wrong with a team committed to excellence, outstanding customer service, and superior quality. Call Anderson Homes today, and set up your initial appointment. Find out why Anderson Homes is the best in the business of luxury home building.